VPN Service:


Gives you access to your own VPN (Virtual Private Network) which means that if you travel outside the United States, you can access All your Entertainment Services that you have back home. This provides you with all the freedom you deserve without any geographical restrictions, and not only that, you also get a secure connection to our US Servers. Even if you are browsing the web in a public place such as an Airport, Train or Bus Station, your personal information will be secure thanks to our state of the art encryption protocols.






PREMIUM Cloud Storage:



When it comes to Cloud Storage, MyCloudVIP stands above many popular Cloud Services. Instead of offering JUST the storage space to upload and save your Music, Photos, and Documents, you get a full blown Personal Entertainment Interface where you can listen to your favorite tunes on a stylish, modern player. (we currently support MP3, AAC and M4A audio formats).









MyCloudVIP Storage Service is accessible through your web browser on your PC or Mac, and also by downloading our Mobile Apps*. You can upload all your NEW Photos  to MyCloudVIP directly from your phone, edit them online, and even share them on social networks or privately with friends and family members. Aside from all of that, your viewers will NOT get a list of files or a huge attachment in their E-Mail, instead, they will ENJOY a LIVE slideshow presentation, with your choice of background music streamed LIVE from a chosen Playlist available as a Music Folder. Many more features are yet to come!






Virtual Machines - VM's:


If your home or office network lacks the Internet Speed you really need to be PRODUCTIVE and get all your work done, DON'T waste any more time going to public Internet cafés, or even worse, being forced to buy a NEW computer that you may not even need in the first place. Your best bet is to RENT our Virtual Machines (currently preloaded with Windows 8.1) and check this out... You will definitely get  more work done in less time, our MINIMUM Internet speed on our Servers is of at least 80 Mbps (download) and over 40 Mbps (upload).  You can connect from your home or office using your own PC, Mac or just about any Tablet out there. This Service is AVAILABLE in month to month Plans, with NO long-term commitments.




LIVE Video Streaming:


Whether you have an upcoming Promotional Event, Rally, Webinar, or you want to show to relatives and friends your LIVE Musical Performance, Wedding or just about any type of situation or social gathering, leave it in our hands to get you set up in minutes, where you could leverage with our sophisticated LIVE Video Streaming Service, so that your viewers can JOIN LIVE on their laptops and just about any  mobile device. Check out our special packages and offerings in our Pricing web page.




Private Virtual Classrooms:


This is one of our most requested services, useful for any business professional.  No need to sign up for long term Web Conferencing Services or costly packages, where you end up paying for hours and hours of unused service which is typically wasted and commonly abandoned. Our Private Virtual Classrooms, can be RESERVED ahead of time and  without worrying about contracts or long term plans. And remember, if you need to PROMOTE your online classes or upcoming event, we even offer ADVERTISING Plans through Facebook, Twitter, or Google where you have COMPLETE FREEDOM by TARGETTING Ads and Promos according to your current budget and coverage area.     TRY IT TODAY!





Cloud Gaming Platform:


Forget about buying expensive Game Consoles, 3D Games, or shelling out more than a thousand dollars for a high-end Computer System, with all the bells and whistles. Trying to stay current with today's computer requirements just to run the latest and coolest Computer Games available can be very costly. To overcome this, MyCloudVIP is proud to announce that SOON we will be launching a full-blown Cloud Gaming Platform that will take care of all your computer requirements, so that you can  concentrate on one thing... ENJOYING your Gaming Experience to the MAXIMUM  by choosing among the latest and hottest games on the market, allowing you to play them LIVE with the minimum latency and without the need to own any sophisticated,  costly PC setup.


Games are run in our PRIVATE Servers on the Cloud and you can enjoy them LIVE on your PC, Mac or your favorite mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad or Android Tablets as well as the majority of smartphones available today. You can RENT this awesome service by the hour or day and access it at home, office, or on the go anywhere in the world, without having to carry around a bunch of cables and heavy gaming console boxes with you!













MyCloudVIP is a Licensed Developer

by NVidia Corporation.



Cloud Managed Backup:


Many of our Users tell us that they are often concerned and sometimes worried that their valuable data  is NOT at all secure, knowing that it is always vulnerable to virus attacks as well as hard drive failures that can happen without any warning and thus jeopardize crucial information which is stored locally and needs to be readily available 24/7. For this reason, MyCloudVIP has developed a Cloud Solution with a group of Senior Cloud Management engineers, that you have total control of. We automatically back up all of your chosen folders that are uploaded to our Secure Cloud Server and use the latest encryption protocols, letting you work on what cares about the most... Your PRODUCTIVITY.



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