About MyCloudVIP:


MyCloudVIP was consolidated this year, but it actually was in the making for several years, its creators spent a great deal of time, running marketing analysis and doing benchmarking with some of today's most respectable Cloud Service Companies in the US and Europe, making our current and future Customers our NUMBER 1 PRIORITY.


Our findings, gave us the clues, which put us into a road of Technology that it is about to change the lives of millions, worldwide.


You see, many large companies are more concerned into market share and taking over their competition with the latest products and services, without realizing that they are leaving their Customers at end of the line.   On the other hand, we, at  MyCloudVIP,  are definitely focused on making the end user's experience, a totally enjoyable one, by not only rengineering technologies from the past, but making a statement of innovation, with the newest and most sophisticated computing tools that we have gathered for you, offering you a seamless and friendly transition from the resources you are using now, to a wider selection of IT services at extremely competitive and affordable prices.


You are Welcome to REQUEST our services on a FREE non-obligation TRIAL MEMBERSHIP, of up to 7 (seven) CONSECUTIVE DAYS, other TRIALS may be offered within an specific time-frame of days or hours, according to the type of product you will be testing, we are so confident about the quality of our services, that NO CREDIT CARD information needs to be provided, so that when the TRIAL PERIOD is over,  you will have the FREEDOM of choosing from over 20 Cloud Service Plans, thus letting you make arrangements and  combinations according to your personal or business needs.


MyCloudVIP - "The way Cloud Services should be".





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